Our Story

WorkoutQs (Workout Queues) is a marketplace for workouts. We bring workouts to you and also help you easily manage them!

We believe that access to personal trainers and custom workouts should be easy and affordable. As it stands today, it is not easy for a client to reach trainers who are not local and there is no easy way to manage workouts that have been purchased. This is why we created WorkoutQs to make the whole process smoother, easier and faster.

Our mission is to increase accessibility and affordability to workouts for individuals and trainers so that it is a win-win scenario for everyone.

We help workouts reach global audience and also make it easy to manage it all in one place.

What we do?

We are based in Austin, Texas (USA) and focus on building a marketplace to make workouts accessible to everyone across the globe. We make the whole process of creating, sharing, buying and selling workouts, smoother.

We also provide low cost solutions to trainers for managing clients and in building a global brand.

Who will benefit from us?

Individual Users (Clients)

Professional Users (Personal Trainers) Fitness Clubs (Gyms)
We are affiliated with Braintree (a Paypal company) who process all our payments.

How to reach us?

Find us on Facebook,Twitter and Linkedin

For more details about pricing and services, please email us at Info@WorkoutQs.com